Businessman in office typing on computer smilingLarry The Computer Guy can resolve almost any issue. What’s even better is that our basic level of support is free to all current customers. (If you’re not a current customer, give us a call at 248-360-8967 so we can advise you on how best to proceed.)

No matter what, if we can’t fix it quickly, we’ll “kick it up a level” and have one of our technicians work it out with you.

Larry offers a variety of easy ways to get support: Post A Ticket, Live Chat, Remote Tech and Rescue Lens. Details and pricing are below. All of these methods are just a click or two away from anywhere on our site.

Pricing For Technical Support:

For pricing information for pay-as-you-go technical support, click here.

Post A Ticket

The support method you choose depends on your needs and circumstances. Usually, the best way to start is by posting a ticket. This will help you define the problem and get fast, collaborative help.

Live Chat

If you’re in a hurry, sometimes questions can be handled easily through Live Chat, especially if the issue has to do with a simple question like, “hey, what happened to my browser, it looks funny”, or “why can’t I login like I used to?”. Your Life Chat operator will be happy to help. The operator may advise you that the best way to proceed is to post a ticket, or even to allow a remote tech to connect directly to your computer.

Remote Tech

With really knotty problems, we find that a remote tech is often the best choice. In just a few short steps, a remote tech can take direct control of your computer to resolve the issue.

Rescue Lens:

Rescue Lens is a new, video-aided support capability aimed to meet the needs of today’s connected customer! Simply download the Rescue Lens app (from the Google Play or iOS App Store), enter a pin code to ensure security, and point your smart phone or other capture device to show your tech live-streaming video of your issue.

Whatever the difficulty, resolution is just a click away from anywhere in our site (look in the sidebar at the right). And rest assured that the friendly people at Larry The Computer Guy will treat you with the respect you deserve and do everything we can to make you happy!

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